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Welcome to the web site of Judy Handler and Mark Levesque

Guitar Duets    Mandolin & Guitar    Ensembles with Flute, Violin, Bass and Percussion

The latest CD from Judy and Mark!


Experience the passion of music from South America and Europe on this distinctive and vibrant new release. Judy and Mark have created captivating and inspiring arrangements of lyrical music from many countries. The warm nylon string guitar, haunting gypsy guitar and sparkling mandolin mingle with the sounds of flute, violin, bass and percussion to bring alive the essence of each piece.

Internationally renowned jazz flutist Ali Ryerson brings her unique sound to several Brazilian pieces. Martha Kayser plays her soulful violin on the gypsy tracks. Flutist Leo Snow adds her smooth, flowing tone to two pieces from South America. Genevieve Rose on bass and Jeff Thompson on drums and cajon ground all of the music with their dynamic rhythmic interplay.

“Judy and Mark are extraordinary professionals who exude energy and musical passion on their releases, as well as their live performances… Separately they are exciting musicians; together they are a powerful force of sound, showmanship, and music.” -- Edward F. Nesta, Publisher, Luxury Experience Magazine



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